March 27, 2018

Site Design Justification

Navigating the HPS

The navigation of the website follows the organizational flow of the technology. First, you are welcomed to the site with a general overview of the project and technology where you are then led through the various pages and have the opportunity to learn about the bulb in an introductory video.

The Bulb section demonstrates the technology’s physical attributes, and provides an informative infographic that gives a brief overview of the technical, socio-technical, and historical aspects of the HPS bulb system.

The Research section allows the reader to dive deeper into the background of the technology, including its social relations and history. This section also allows you to learn about the chemical reactions inside the HPS bulb that produce its light from Dr. Sarah Stoll, a chemistry professor at Georgetown university.

Finally, the About section explains the project itself, its creators, and this design justification.

Ultimately, this website aims to provide a pleasurable viewing experience for its readers while holistically explaining the HPS bulb’s complicated technology.

Project Imagery


Image Credits

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Since the bulb is part of a complex, historical sociotechnical system, this photo demonstrates the bulb’s function in conjunction with other related technologies, such as the required hood. This image also showcases the the bulb’s signature yellow light output so that the viewer immediately becomes familiar with it once they arrive on the site.

Source: Canna Recruiter

This photo subtly demonstrates the bulb’s application in horticultural situations, such as for cannabis flowering.

Source: ZenHydro

This bulb image is featured on The Bulb page to inform the viewer of what the physical appearance.

All images used in the timeline are free for use and cited.

Website Details


Zerif Lite is the theme of choice for the Bulb Brigade for three main reasons:

  • Its responsive and modern interface brings this historical technology into modernity.
  • Its orange accent color is similar to the light spectrum output of the HPS bulb.
  • Its full-width appearance and plug-in compatibility provides unique customization abilities.

Present on the site is custom HTML, represented in the historical timeline and the homepage’s alignment.  Custom graphics are used on the home page buttons, as well.

Color palette