February 27, 2018

The Team

Meet The Bulb Brigade, a team of Communication, Culture, and Technology Master’s candidates at Georgetown University who created this project.


Katie Hartzell

Katie serves as Managing Editor at gnovis, an interdisciplinary academic journal for Master's and PhD candidates to explore the ways new technologies are affecting society. She is focusing her academic studies on transnational film & television.

Lin Shi

Lin studied communication rhetoric studies at Syracuse University. While at CCT, She is exploring research in new media literacy, journalism, and consulting, along with global Internet freedom and how technology influences society.

Anya Aboud

Anya study the unique ways in which social justice organizations and political movements use social media for their benefit. They also serve as a guest educator for Enriched Schools, teaching students at D.C. charter schools about internet literacy.

Grace Maliska

Grace is as a 2018 United Nations Association National Capital Area Fellow. She studies how technology influences and alters the terms of humanity through UN efforts, with focus on the intersectionality of gender, identity, political economy, and the environment.