February 27, 2018


Primary Structure

1) Eyelet

  • Passes the electrons produced by the ballast through the threaded base to the Tungsten electrodes in the arc tube

2) Threaded Base

  • Mogul screw design that can be either brass or nickel plated iron

3) Glass envelope

  • Glass mixed with -10% lead for heat resistance

4) Two Tungsten electrodes

  • Receive electrons from the eyelet, then initiate the flow of the starter gas, Xenon

5) Support Structure

6) Arc Tube

  • Made of a polycrystalline aluminum oxide ceramic envelope originally developed by GE and trademarked as Lucalox™
  • Reactive gases inside the arc tube (when heated, they are referred to as “sodium vapor”):

    a) Xenon– an inert gas

    b) Mercury– metal that reacts to heat, producing lumens 
    that fall on the blue light spectrum

    c) Sodium– alkali metal that reacts to heat, producing lumens that fall on the red light spectrum

7) Arc Tube End Cap/Seal

Additional Required Components


Takes alternating current (AC) and turns it into direct current (DC) waves, regulates the lamp's wattage, and produces electrons then sends them to the eyelet.


Expands the surface area of the bulb's light so that it reaches the whole plant and absorbs extra heat that the bulb produces.